Imaging and Stem Cell Biology Core (ISCB)

The overarching goal of the Imaging and Stem Cell Biology (ISCB) Core is to provide resources, facilities and training for the application of morphological, imaging and stem cell biology technologies to UCLA: DDRCC-SigCo investigators requiring these approaches for their independently-funded research projects, and PFS awardees and junior investigators who will benefit from these resources to establish independent careers in research areas relevant to the UCLA: DDRCC-SigCo. Through cost effective services and centralized facilities and the state-of-the-art imaging equipment and advanced methodologies, the Core will continue to enhance the effectiveness of the UCLA: DDRCC-SigCo program, and promote collaborations among Center investigators. The Specific Aims are to offer 1) training, educational resources, expertise and a dedicated space for the application  of a variety of morphological techniques for the characterization of phenotypical aspects of genetically engineered mice and localization of neurotransmitters/modulators and peptides in different types of tissues and cells; 2) access to a bank of highly characterized polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies; 3) training and expertise for the use of and access to state-of-the-art equipment for contemporary imaging approaches with broad application in cell biology and neuroscience to facilitate investigations in trafficking and signaling of receptors and their ligands, ion channels and subcellular localization of signaling molecules; 4) training, facilities, expertise and services for the preparation and isolation of human and murine intestinal stem cell, and to generate 3D in vitro culture systems, which can be used to model human epithelial and smooth muscle disorders. These specific aims will be achieved by providing the following services: morphological and imaging approaches such as immunohistochemistry, confocal microscopy, 3D image analysis, RNAscope technology, and fluorescence analysis of living cells as well as availability of a variety of well characterized antibodies. The stem cell biology services include isolation and in vitro culture methods of human and murine intestinal epithelium and smooth muscle, intestinal stem cells sorting, division and differentiation methods and generation of in vitro model of enteric muscularis that contracts spontaneously. 


Contact Information:

Catia Sternini, MD
Imaging and Stem Cell Biology (ISCB) Core Director
Telephone: 310-825-6526