The UCLA: DRRCC-SigCo is dedicated to advancing our understanding of the fundamental biology, functional disorders and diseases of the digestive system with mechanistic focus on cell signaling and communication in the digestive system. Scientific core facilities, Pilot and Feasibility Study awards and Enrichment programs provide a platform of novel technologies, services and a forum for interactions to promote basic, translational and clinical collaborative research of the multidisciplinary research base.

UCLA: DDRCC - SigCo members fall into one or more of the following categories:

  1. Investigators at UCLA or another campus in the UC system who are principal or co-principal investigators with peer-reviewed, competitive funding for research in digestive diseases (current or funded within the last three years) and whose research directly impacts the goals of the center
  2. Division chiefs in gastroenterology within the UCLA Affiliated Hospitals
  3. Directors or co-directors of core facilities or individuals who have other significant roles in the Center