Pilot and Feasibility

If awarded, funding will not be released unless appropriate IRB and ARC approvals have been submitted. Please note: UCLA IRB approval will be required if the applications include a human studies component. If studies are conducted at the West Los Angeles  VA, UCLA IRB approval for Human Studies involved in research must be submitted to the program coordinator prior to the release of funds.  UCLA IRB and ARC approval notices must cite UCLA: DDRCC-SigCo.

Every publication reporting data obtained during the period of the PFS funding or later publications that benefitted from studies partly supported by the PFS awards must cite both UCLA:DDRCC  as follows:

Agency Name: NIH/NIDDK
PI of Contract/Grant: J.Enrique Rozengurt, DVM, PhD
Contract/Grant Title: UCLA:Digestive Diseases Research Center (intramural award to [insert name] for "[insert PFS title])
Contract/Grant No: NIH DK41301

For questions, please contact UCLA DDRCC PFS Coordinator, Jacqueline Ismen at JIsmen@mednet.ucla.edu or Catia Sternini, M.D., Program Director, at csternin@ucla.edu

Core Services

Please cite the Core in the acknowledgement section of the peer reviewed journal and/or NIH manuscript database listing the core as appropriate:

Agency Name: NIH/NIDDK
PI of Contract/Grant: Yvette Tache (Animal Core)/Dennis Jensen,MD (Human Studies Core)/Catia Sternini, MD(Integrated Stem Cell Biology Core)
Contract/Grant Title: UCLA DDRCC: Digestive Diseases Research Center ( [insert core])
Contract/Grant No: NIH DK41301