The overarching objective of the Enrichment Program of the UCLA: DDRCC-SigCo is to provide a forum for promoting the open exchange of ideas, information, reagents and biological models and the facilitation of scientific collaborations among Center members, associate members, Pilot and Feasibility Study (PFS) awardees and visiting scientists.To achieve this central objective, the Center will pursue a series of Specific Aims via the implementation of the following components:

1) Regular Lecture Series: This program will consist of presentations by members and associate members of the research base of the UCLA: DDRCC-SigCo, including PFS awardees. The Aim of the Regular Lecture Series is to present and discuss original, mostly unpublished but well developed results in basic and translational science related to the digestive system.

2) Special Lecture Series: The Special Lecture Series will be delivered by renown scientists and physician scientists either Center members or from other Centers, DDRCCs or Institutions. The Aim of this Lecture Series is to emphasize fundamental mechanisms of homeostatic regulation and disease pathogenesis in the digestive system.

3) Visiting Professor Series: This component is coordinated by the Administrative Core in conjunction with the UCLA Division of Digestive Diseases to attract a steady stream of professors from all over the world. The Aim of the Visiting Professor Series is to provide a translational and clinical perspective to our comprehensive Enrichment program.

4) Annual Research Meeting: The program will include a set of oral presentations by Center members, the John Walsh Distinguished Lecture and an extensive Poster Session. The Annual Research Meeting will be attended by the External and Internal Advisory Committees (EAC andIAC). The Aim of the Annual Meeting is to present research progress from different Program areas of the Center, including basic, translational and clinical research and facilitate interactions among junior investigators with the members of the EAC and IAC and the John Walsh Distinguished Lecturer.